Washington Highway 410 Ride - Saturday, September 25, 2010

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The Washington Highway 410 Ride required a little more dedication to duty. The route is effectively only open to motorcycles for a limited period during the year. As planned, we left from Elmer's on I-205 just before 7:45am and got a head start on a longer ride. Lunch was enjoyed more or less at the midway point at The Wood Shed at Eagle Rock Resort restaurant on Hwy 410. Sitting out on the deck in bright sunshine and fresh air made us stay longer than planned as we took a welcome break from the saddle. From the restaurant we looped north and back down to the southwest past Mt. Rainier on Hwy 123 and home on Hwy 12 as we had come in.


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Elmer's on I-205 - Street Map Shell Gas, Naches, WA - Street View Woodshed Restaurant - Web Site Mt. Rainier National Park - Web Site Interactive Map




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