Bickleton - Sunday, September 14, 2008

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For 2008, this ride is a variation on previous Bickleton routes. Rather than go into Goldendale via BZ Corner and Glenwood, we take WA Hwy 14 as far as the Hood River Bridge and cross over to I-84 for a short stretch east to the little burg of Mosier. A less known route through town takes us up into 'Isle of Man' type curves over open country and down the hill into the south side of The Dalles. In The Dalles it's back over the Columbia again through Dallesport and back on to Hwy 14 to take in the famous Wishram curves that no self respecting ride in this area would be without. At Maryhill, we finally turn north into higher country to gas up in Goldendale before heading out into the empty spaces and canyons east of town. Lunch is in tiny but hospitable Bickleton, which boasts Washington State's first tavern. Just east of town, the road goes south to lonely Roosevelt and then turns west along the big river's north bank for the home stretch. No gas stations here, as roadside signs confirm. Route back to Portland is via Hwy 14 westbound or I-84 for those in a hurry. Dry heat and strong breezes are the norm in the summer months. An 8:00am start gets us back to Portland 4:00pm - 5:00pm.






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