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Ducati 999R
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Ducati 1000 Paul Smart Replica

Saturday, May 27, 2006, Portland, OR.

Moto Corsa, a division of the Tonkin group, has opened a new, landmark store on the edge of Portland's humming Pearl District.

Located at 2170 NW Wilson St, just east of the intersection of NW Vaughn and 23rd, its main offerings are Ducati, MV Agusta and Aprilia motorcycles. If you're looking for economy transport, scooters are also on sale. If it's four wheels you need, the legendary Lotus range is available.

The inventory is more than a token few Italian motorcycles. There is plenty of model depth, though rumor has it, the first thing some clients do is tear off the plastic and get down to the bare bones for that radical look. Seems a little pointless when there's naked and faired machinery to be had, but hey, each to his / her own...

For the fashion conscious, there's also an abundance of choice. Jackets, pants and one-pieces are thoughtfully displayed so you can actually see what they look like before dragging them off their hook.

Complete with coffee, snack bar and movie theater, hospitality is the name of the game and yet one more reason to hang out in the store and peruse the merchandise.

The new store has a definite message: there's virtually nothing in it you can't carve a canyon on (or in). It follows that if you're looking for a cruiser palace, you're in the wrong spot.

The names Ducati, MV Agusta and Aprilia are still unheard of among the wider American public; that includes an amazingly large number of motorcyclists. (If you ride an Italian motorcycle, you don't have to be told this..). Tonkin's new store will go a long way to redress that balance. Get yourself down there and check out the exotica. It's not so much a question of 'Can I afford it ?' as 'Can I afford not to ?'