This day in paradise

This isn’t really about motorcycling – or is it ? Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: “Sometimes life just reaches into your chest, pulls out your heart and asks: ‘So whaddaya think of that ?'”

OK, he said no such thing; I made that up. The picture below is of Mt. Hood taken from Hwy 26 at the Pioneer Woman’s Grave turnout on the way back from a business trip to Central Oregon.

At the turnout, I joined a fellow photographer who had me outgunned and I told him so. The lens on his camera was almost three feet long and about 6″ across at the business end. He looked like an enthusiast rather than a pro. He told me he’d been coming to Oregon for 15 years and had never seen the mountain looking so stunning.

It was an inspiring moment – I almost swore to become a better person. That ship sailed right around the time I hit traffic in Gresham.

Ah February, what treasures it can bring !

Mt Hood - Viewed from Pioneer Woman's Grave Turnout - OR Hwy 26


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