News Updated: 7:30AM PDT July 3, 2018

The Cooper Spur / Tygh Valley Ride went ahead on July 1, 2018. Weather was dry and cool at the start on the way to Mt. Hood, then warmed up as we arrived in Wamic where the gas was clear and the drinks were cold. Forest roads from and back to Hwy 35 were in mostly good condition. Lunch was enjoyed at the Crooked Tree Tavern on the slopes of the mountain with desserts of huckleberry shakes at the Apple Valley Country Store on Tucker Road in Hood River. Instead of returning on I-84 as originally planned, we went back on Hwy 26 and took Hwy 211 from Sandy for some bonus twisties on the way back to the city. A good day out on the bikes, not to be beat.

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